In In the News by HPBC

The Fort McMurray Giants would to say a huge THANK YOU to all first responders that helped save our community! There are no words or actions we could say or do that will ever show how truly greatly we are. Without your tireless work and dedication there would be no way we could return home.THANK YOU.
Second we would like to thank our fans, supporters, Soponsers, volunteers, and all of our billets  who where ready to open their homes to our players this summer before the events of the wildfire unfolded.
Another HUGE THANK you to the Edmonton Prospects. For opening your doors and giving us a place to play and a field to truly call home. You did more for us then we could have ever asked. Without your Organization the Giants season may not have been possible! While we will always be rivals, we will always be cheering for the Prospects. I think it’s safe to the Prospects will be Fort McMurray’s second favourite ball team! Thank you!
Also the Giants would like to extended our deepest sympathy to those affected by the wildfire. We hope this message finds everyone in good spirits, as you began to return home and start to re build our community.
The Giants are also planing our return home to Fort McMurray targeting a early July return to Shellplace. This will require a lot of work from our orginaztion, The one Rec orginaztion and our great community. But we believe it will be well worth it in the end when we are enjoying the rest of our beautiful summer in OUR community, playing in front of the best people in the world, and in  one of the best stadiums in the county!!
Before we can return home one of the main things we need to secure is housing for our players. We are very saddened to hear that some of our billets have now lost their homes, and are in no way able to take on a player for the summer. Again we would like to express our deepest sympathys for all those people, our hearts go out to you.
With that being said we must press on and look for new family’s willing to take in some of our players. So we can return home as soon as possible. To provide a great summer of entertainment, and relief from all the strees we have endured over the last month and a half. If you would like to be a billet, and open your home to one of our players please email for more details, and to find out what special perks you will be given for taking one of our players in! your support is greatly appreciated, And  is key to the Giants success both on and off the field!
Again the Giants would like to thank
everyone for their support. we can’t wait to get home and play In front of our great community!
see everyone at the ballpark very soon!!