Giants show they are apart of the fabric that is Fort McMurray

In In the News by Andrew B

While the Giants season is short. Running from the end of May to the end of July, plus playoffs (which the Giants expect to make this season)  it doesn’t mean the Giants are only involved in the community during the summertime they are here all year long!
Below you will see the Giants most recent activity in the community.

Owners Dutch and Dianne Iannetti left make a donation of 5 6 game flex packs, and $500 in gift cards to Santa’s Anonymus!

Recruiting coordinator Andrew Bradbury drops off another 5 6 games flex packs!

Giants Josh Iannetti, Tyler Hodder, and Ryan Dunn while home on Christmas break take the time to make a Christmas wish come true by dropping on two season passes and a couple Giants Jerseys.

And most recently owner Dutch Iannetti, and recruiting coordinator Andrew Bradbury swing by the Redpoll center to drop of a pair of season tickets to be used as a grand prize for the United Ways chuck a puck contest on Feb 1st at the Oil barons game.

As you can see giving back to this community is a top priority for the Giants something owner Dutch Iannetti says is “It’s a great thing to do because it feels great to give back, and show our fans we are really appericate  their support”

so while the snow may be covering the ground, it feels like -100 outside the Giants are still very busy working to better the community and grow in to a great member of this community!